Few Notes About How We Manage Properties!


We pride ourselves as a client driven company, which clearly separates us from other property management companies.


We stand by our Mission statement; “Where Service and Process make the DIFFERENCE!” as our dedicated daily guideline of practice.


We are unlike any other property management firm! We Do Not collect monthly assessments or provide financial statements. We Do Not enforce CC & Rs, Bylaws or any other Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors.


Most other property management companies Are Not in technical fields, NOR certified inspectors and especially NOT general builders! These companies are solely relying on their vendors’ limited knowledge and expertise. This dependency and redundant work creates financial burden for both the property owners and Homeowners Associations. As a result, it forces the monthly assessment increase to offset the financial burden and negative cash flow, which no property owner would appreciate under any circumstance.


We are General Builders and Member of International Code Council (ICC), Certified Inspectors and Realtors® and our focus is International Building Code and Safety. Our expertise is in the technical field with over two decades protecting the health, safety, and welfare of property owners. We offer the support needed by making your property safer while protecting the value of your investments. We oversee the exteriors of your buildings and common areas in order to sustain the structural appeal, beauty, and market value of your property, especially in today’s economy and in some cases we enter inside the premises by permission to review concerns.


Property We Manage:

We are located in Diamond Bar, California.  To service your property effectively we need to be within a reasonable distance of our office, preferably within 25 miles radius of 91765 Zip Code and usually not exceed an hour drive.  We manage residential properties ranging from single-family homes, condominiums, duplex, triplex, multiple apartment complex buildings and many properties with HOA’s. We also manage commercial and industrial buildings, but our specialty is in smaller properties. 


Our Procedures:


  1. Inspect buildings and Common Areas [Type-I inspection is required (refer to "What We Inspect" for detail). Fee applies for initial inspections per area and no inspections fee thereafter based on an annual contract agreement]

  2. Generate report(s) of observations and deficiencies

  3. Submit report(s) to the Board of Directors or property owner/s

  4. Review report(s) with the Board of Directors

  5. Obtain and negotiate quotes with vendors for compliance

  6. Submit and review quotes with the Board of Directors or owner/s

  7. Proceed with construction

  8. Generate report on progress


We have no hidden fees!    In addition, we provide the following services with no additional fees, which no other companies have offered!


  1. Unlimited site inspections.

  2. Unlimited contacts with Board of Directors and/or property owner/s via exclusive email address for their inquiries.

  3. Unlimited meeting face to face with Board of Directors and property owner/s for their inquiries.

  4. Tabulate Board of Directors and property owners' inquiries, responses, and up-to-date progress.

  5. Advise the property owners, Board of Directors for their inquiries, building structure, building safety, and building codes violations.

  6. And many more....

Our Fees:


Each community is unique in itself and there are no common areas for comparisons.  Our service fees vary, which are based on the year the property was built as well as the property’s current conditions.


Our standard fees are based on an Annual Contract Agreement, which consist of two factors and no other hidden fees apply:


  1. Monthly Management Fee

  2. 15% of Jobs Awarded Contracts Fee (Waived, if ISI-Construction conduct the work).


If you are interested in our services and would like a formal quote, please contact us at: Support@ISI-Incorp.com and you’ll be Glad You Did!




If no job is in progress our service agreement can be terminated by either party within thirty (30) days receipt of a certified written cancellation notice prior to anniversary date. Terms and Conditions apply.


Certifications and Licenses:
Will release upon request


















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