For over two decades, has been committed to enriching our clients and acting as champions to achieve their construction and inspections needs.  As we continually strive to be the service and quality driven leader in general contracting and construction management in Southern California, our talented project team instill our core values and constantly are seeking new ways to delight our clients.


Our process and approach remain the same whether you are looking to build a wooden small deck in your patio or expanding the current square footage of your residence or a custom build residential, commercial and industrial properties, or upgrading building codes to overcome the deficiencies and/or installing a solar system, we are a DIFFERENT construction and inspections company.


Our strengths are in technical fields, safety and building code compliance. Our workmanship process and procedures are guided by Six-Sigma methodology, which means; we have quality assurance inspection checkpoints for every steps of our development in order to move on to the next phase of construction. We Do Not build track properties and we Do Not share clients’ design or ideas with others. We value clients’ privacy and assure that all designs and detail developments are considered strictly confidential.


You are involved from the START, We are involved beyond the FINISH!


We Build:

  • Efficiently
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Partnerships
  • Safety


Step-By-Step Construction


At, we have laid out a systematic plan. It includes a custom process that will take each client from conceptual design through the first construction phase to the final walk-through inspection where they are given the keys to their new property. From preplanning, preconstruction to construction to post-project review, our collaborative approach, attention to detail and safety helps your project keep a swift and timely pace, while exceeding your goals and expectations.


Preplanning: At the preplanning and preconstruction meeting, you are invited to join our development team from the initial design review through the final review of your property package. Together, you'll verify the design concept, review the blueprints and placement of the property, and find out what to expect during the development process.


Inspection Checkpoints: For each phase of construction, there are inspection checkpoints that must be passed before we make a call to Agencies for their approval and signoff in order to move on to the next phase of development.

  • Soil and Foundation
  • Drain System
  • Framing
  • Plumbing and Electrical, Cables
  • Hoods and Air-conditioning
  • Walk-in Cooler/Freezer
  • Drywall
  • T-Bars
  • Finishing


Final Installations: In the interest of protecting floors and walls from boots, nails and building materials' debris and dust, the following action will take place in following order, if applicable:


  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Doors, windows and screens
  • Flooring
  • Touch-ups


Final Inspection: Upon the completion of the finals, one last quality assurance check is conducted prior to scheduling the property owner orientation.


The Owner Orientation: The Property Owner Orientation provides clients with the opportunity to become acquainted with their new property prior to moving in. During the orientation, we provide a thorough demonstration of the completed property (e.g., mechanical components, appliances, etc.) and reviews items covered by the warranty, if applicable.



We architect/design plans per your requirements and we pull permits and construct based on the approved plans. If any changes occur during the construction will advise (additional charges may apply). From ground up to completion, you will find our fees have no hidden cost or any surprises at the end!


We offer two options, regardless which option you choose, our process, procedures and commitments will not change.


Option A)


Our exclusive in-house contractors will construct it as follow: (Single Story, Rough Finish - the Client pays for permits and official charges)


  • $275/SQFT (Rough/Standard Finish) Price varies by project site and square footage.
  • $225/SQFT, Second Floor (Rough/Standard Finish) Price varies by project site and structural conditions.


Option B)


We oversee your developments:


  1. You choose licensed and bonded contractors and obtain quotes
  2. Together, we review quotes
  3. We recommend whom to choose from (from three quotes)
  4. You retain contractors per our recommendation
  5. We oversee the development
  6. We obtain 25% of the contractors' awarded bid

If you are interested the way we approach the construction development and would like to meet with us, please contact us at: and you’ll be Glad You Did!


The information contained on this site provides general information that approximates construction process. The timeframes, processes, materials and other factors involved in the engineering/quality assurance checkpoints in building your properties, which may vary from development to development and from city to city and from community to community. The reserves the right to change construction processes, specifications, and materials at any time without notice.

Certifications and Licenses:
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