ISI-Construction is a Six-Sigma process company that promotes LEAN Operations. ISI was founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1994 under the name of Group Associates, Inc. to assist small businesses that they were financially struggled and closing their businesses, due to excessive WASTE in their Operations (the 'waste' is coming in different forms and shapes!). The financial burden was based on economy fluctuations, excessive operations' cost and insufficient financial strength, which embedded by lack of strategic business planning and day-to-day operations' process.


For over two decades, has been committed to enriching our clients and acting as champions to achieve their construction and inspections needs. As we continually strive to be the service and quality driven leader in general contracting and construction management in Southern California, our talented project team instill our core values and constantly are seeking new ways to delight our clients.


Our process and approach remain the same whether you are looking to build a small coffee shop or high-end fine dining or tenant improvement (TI) or a wooden small deck in your patio or expanding the current square footage of your residence or a custom build residential, commercial or industrial properties, or upgrading building codes and/or installing a solar system, we are a DIFFERENT construction & assessments company.


Our strengths are in technical fields, safety, building code compliance and dedications. Our workmanship process and procedures are guided by Six-Sigma methodology, which means; we have quality assurance inspection checkpoints for every steps of our development in order to move on to the next phase of construction.


We Do Not build track properties and we Do Not share clients' design or ideas with others. We value clients' privacy and assure that all designs and detail developments are considered strictly confidential.


Our professionals are trained to perform unbiased, visual evaluations on properties when components are accessible. is among the most widely-respected name in residential, commercial and industrial construction and inspections firm in the State of California. The certified inspectors evaluate the property from foundation to roof and any components in between to identify the current conditions and safety issues on the property. Our strengths are in technical fields, and we are known for comprehensive workmanship and quality performance that we present to our clients. We are a private and employees owned company that focuses in clients' relations.


You are involved from the START, We are involved beyond the FINISH!

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